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About Us

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Who we are:

We proudly live and work in Houston, Texas—land of bayous, steamy weather and Texas pride. In fact, we pride ourselves, at TheOffyce.com, on providing high-quality office products that make work better.  We believe it’s possible to be comfortable at work without spending an arm and a leg.

What we do:

Our products will suit any size business or home office. We pride ourselves on selecting the most comfortable and ergo-friendly chairs, stools, desks, and all the other tools needed to create great work.

Online Offices To Go Hand HuddleOur line of office furniture seating includes task chairs, executive chairs, conference room seating, reception area soft seating, and training room chairs.

We also offer laminate and veneer freestanding office furniture. This offering includes hundreds of products that fill offices from the reception area to the boardroom. These products are produced by best-in-class furniture manufacturers.

Our favorite line is the Work Fit products. These standing desks, treadmill desks, standing desk cycles and more are necessary office tools that address the need to add movement into your day. We firmly believe these products will do just that because we use them to make our work better.

Why we’re different:

We are knowledgeable. When you call The Offyce, you’ll talk to a real person who has first-hand knowledge of the product. That’s because we use the stuff we sell.
We are empowered. Our employees have the power to make a decision and make things happen, because we know your time is valuable.
We are human. You won’t see our items delivered by drones, robots or the terminator. Orders are fulfilled by humans. Humans take a bit more time. Humans also care, so we ask that you wait a little longer (one or two days, maybe), to get your stuff.
We are not a membership. Why are you paying a yearly fee to shop? You are welcome to shop at The Offyce for FREE. That’s right, you’ll find great prices that include shipping and sales tax (except in Texas), and you don’t have to be a member of anything.

Shopping Tools:

Our website enables easy navigation. Select by product type, brand, use and more. In addition, Live Chat is available during office hours (M-F from 9AM to 5PM). If you have questions after hours, simply leave a Live Chat message and we’ll contact you as soon as we’re back!

Most of you spend 47.5 hours on average per week at the office, (many of you more). That means you’re spending more time at work with your eyes open than at home. So, it stands to reason, you should be as comfortable at work as you are at home. Our job is to help you find that comfort.