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Shipping FAQ’s

Q. When should I expect my item(s)?

A. Depending on the manufacturer, you can expect your item(s) to ‘FREE SHIP’ within 7-10 business days. Usually, 4 days is the norm, but there are circumstances that may require additional time.

Q. Will items be delivered inside my home, office, building, floor?

A. FREE SHIP includes delivery to your curbside, door, lobby, dock or inside your threshold. If you need further delivery services, please contact us at 713-766-0678.

Q. What if my item(s) arrive damaged?

A. If you are home at the time of delivery and notice the packaging is ripped, bent, dented, etc., please mark the receipt as damaged or refuse delivery and send us an email right away advising us of your actions. If you are not home to accept delivery, you have 24-hours to notify us of the damage in order to facility an even exchange.

Bulk Order Shipping

Q. Are bulk orders also ‘FREE SHIP?’

A. Our standard ‘FREE SHIP’ policy also applies to bulk orders, however, if you want to return your items, you are responsible for:

– Repackaging

– To and From shipping expenses. This means you will be responsible for reimbursing the ‘FREE SHIP’ cost to Online Offices To Go (OOTG), as well as the return shipping arrangements and cost.

– Restock Fee. All manufacturers charge a 25 – 40% restocking fee. This will also be your responsibility.

Q. What is a Liftgate Charge and why is this an additional charge?

A. ‘FREE SHIP’ on large orders requires that the delivery address have a dock or forklift in order to get the items from the truck to ground level. If these are not available, some items require a “liftgate charge” and are noted on the item page. You must add the “liftgate” option to your purchase on these builk items. If you do not, it will be charged once the shipment is delivered and it is confirmed there is no delivery option other than the use of the shipper’s liftgate. Please be sure to select this option in order to insure delivery. Otherwise, delivery may be delayed.

Q. What is a bulk order and how does it affect my shipping?

A. A bulk order is five or more of the same item and requires additional time for shipping. Please expect your bulk orders to take up to 15 business days to reach you.

Q. Will the shipper unload my bulk order?

A. The shipper will deliver your bulk order to your threshold which means just outside your door. They are not allowed to come into your home for any reason so it is a good idea to have help available to assist with the order.

Q. How can I coordinate the arrival of my bulk shipment?

A. You will receive an email with the name of the shipper and your tracking number. You may look up the shipping information by visiting their website and entering your tracking number. You will need to coordinate your shipment delivery directly with the shipper.

Q. Will items arrive assembled?

A. The majority (99%) of items arrive needing some assembly, not a lot, but some. If you need instructions or have any other questions regarding assembly of your furniture, please don’t hesitate to send us an email or call.

Cubicle FAQ’s

Q. Do the cubicles come with electrical hook-ups?

A. 24” wide panels have one receptacle per side. 30” and 60” wide panels have two receptacle locations per side. All cubicle sets come with Floor Power Entry.  If you are setting up your cubicles against a wall, the standard floor-run electrical will suffice. If you are planning your cubicle set away from the wall, you need Ceiling Power Entry. There is an additional charge so please contact us at sales@onlineofficestogo.com for a quote.

Q.What if I need to return a cubicle set?

A. We will accept returns if all items are in their original packaging and the entire set is returned. There is a 25% restocking fee applied to returns. In order to avoid the expense of shipping and restocking fee, we suggest you order one cubicle set to be sure it’s the right item.

Q. What if I need to exchange an item in the set?

A. Exchanges are accepted. Item(s) must be in original packaging.

Q. I need a different configuration, color, style, etc.

A. Please contact us at sales@onlineofficestogo.com to schedule an appointment with an office plan expert. We’ll help get you what you need.

Q. What if I need help with installation?

A. If you’ve looked over the DIY manual and believe it’s more than you or your staff can handle, assistance is available. Email sales@onlineofficestogo.com or call (281) 954-3595 for an installation quote.

Q. How can I see the colors before I buy?

A. Please email us the color group(s) you are interested in seeing and we will send sample swatches. It will take 5-7 business days to receive the samples.

Q. What if I need another color combination?

A. Please email us with your request and we’ll contact you within 24-hours to discuss your needs.

Q. What is a 10-day Lead Time

A. It is the time it takes for the manufacturer to gather up your cubicle set and get it ready for shipping. This does NOT include the time it takes to ship your cubicles.

Q. What is a liftgate charge?

A. If your delivery location does not have a loading dock or forklift, there is a $100.00 liftgate option. Please select this option in order to insure delivery.

Q. How do I measure the space for my cubicle sets?

A. Watch for aisles,windows, obstructions, doors, cold air returns, etc. Plan for ‘panel creep’ is the thickness of the panel which can add an additional 2” to 3”. To cover this, it’s always a good idea to add 3” to 4” to your final measurements.

Q. What are space plans and do I need them?

A. Space plans are an analysis of your floor footprint and consider your work environment and headcount to create the most efficient work space possible. We always recommend you work from space plans. If you are interested in getting a space plan, please email us.

Treadmill Desks

Treadmill desks offer a variety of benefits, but what about actually “working” while you’re walking. Can it be done? Here are some tips:

-Use your laptop but get a bigger monitor and monitor arm.

-Raise the monitor so that your natural vision falls at the top of the monitor.

-Get a mouse. It’s much easier to use a mouse while walking than a touchpad.

-Tracking your miles, steps, calories is possible with the right activity tracker. Do your research and be sure the activity tracker you choose will monitor steps without an arm swing since arms will be positioned on a keyboard or the desktop. According to an online review, the Fitbit Flex records steps taken on a treadmill desk fairly accurately.

-If an activity tracker isn’t your thing and you are using a Lifespan treadmill desk, they offer a fitness club which syncs with the bluetooth setting on the treadmill desk. You’ll be able to view activity in miles, steps, calories and more. Plus, there is a team builder function which is perfect for an office treadmill desk.

-This is not a race. Stay under 1MPH for at least a week and then gradually increase until you feel you’re losing productivity then dial it back down. “The treadmill desk is designed to add movement to your work day. It is not designed to run an 8-minute mile while checking emails.

Can I use my FSA to buy a Treadmill Desk?

-The short answer is I was able to use my FSA to purchase a treadmill desk. However, all FSA’s are not the same. Here is how I did it.

  • I contacted the company that administers my FSA and asked if it was covered. I received instructions to obtain a prescription from my Doctor.
  • I contact my Doctor and he provided a written prescription that I submitted to my FSA along with my purchase receipt and was reimbursed.
  • Be sure to ask your FSA administrator before using your FSA.