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10 Ways to Stay Productive Using Home Office Furniture

10 ways to stay productive using home office furniture

Home Office Furniture Helps You Stay Productive | TheOffyce.com

Home office furniture is in higher demand than ever, now that unprecedented numbers of Americans are working from home. While social media is full of lighthearted memes and hashtags about wearing yoga pants and blaming messes on imaginary coworkers, many employees have serious concerns about how to cope with this sudden change in the work environment. Here are 10 ways to stay productive while working from home.

  1. Stay healthy

The most important piece of advice is to protect your health. With no professional cleaning crew to disinfect your workspace after hours, you must remember to clean the surfaces you touch daily. Anti-viral home office furniture is another way to stay safe from pathogens like COVID-19, influenza, and the common cold.

  1. Stand Up

Maybe you have heard the saying that “sitting is the new smoking.” This phrase means that sitting for too long can lead to heart disease in the same way that smoking leads to lung problems. If you need to, set a timer and make an effort to stand up periodically. Adjustable-height desks can even allow you to work from a standing position for part of the day.

  1. Get Dressed

Don’t work in your pajamas. If you find yourself running to put on a crucial piece of clothing when the doorbell rings, then you may need to re-think your outfit. If you don’t feel professional without getting dressed up, then go ahead and wear office attire.

  1. Fight Loneliness

The biggest complaint from those who work at home is that they miss their coworkers. Even introverts still need human interactions for their mental well-being. Take advantage of virtual meeting software, forums, social media, and the multitude of other ways to stay connected with other people who work from home.

  1. Keep Records

Keeping track of your daily activities can motivate you to work harder, make you proud of your accomplishments, and also serve as evidence should your employer ever ask for it. You don’t have to log every minute of the day, just record the amount of time spent on each task essential to your job. Depending on your work, you may choose to track specific goals met rather than hours worked.

  1. Set Boundaries

Set your office hours and stick to your schedule. If you don’t feel confident that you have put in a full day’s work from nine to five, consider continuing working in the evening. This state of limbo where you are always half-on and half-off duty is a trap you want to avoid. It will make it impossible to feel confident in your accomplishments and drastically decrease your ability to relax and enjoy other activities.

  1. Leave the House

Even if your workspace is filled with unique home office furniture, it is still important to go out. Take advantage of your situation by occasionally working from a coffee shop or park if you can. If your work equipment is more complex than a cell phone or laptop, then make an effort to go out to lunch or take a walk once a week.

  1. Use Perks in Moderation

It’s OK to pet the dog, load the dishwasher, or check on your children between emails or phone calls. These are some of the many perks that prompt people to work from home in the first place, so enjoy them while you can. Just don’t get carried away–remember, you are not getting paid to do housework or childcare.

  1. Choose Your Noise Level

Use ambient sound recordings from the Internet to help you create your ideal atmosphere. Some people work best with white noise from a device like a fan, and some prefer complete silence. Others prefer natural sounds like running water and singing birds. One reason coffee shops are popular places to work is that the background noises provide subliminal stimulation and comfort.

  1. Create Office Space

Designating an area of your home for work signals to your brain that it’s time to get busy. Selecting an ergonomic chair and a desk of the appropriate height to fit your body can help you sit comfortably without fidgeting. ROSI Office Systems, Inc. has a wide selection of home office furniture that can be delivered free. Call us at (713) 766-5722 to learn how we can help you stay productive.


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